How to Shop for Baby Car Seat Covers

Parents, especially first time mothers, have a reputation about worrying about every little baby-related thing. It’s only natural, it's a huge responsibility and a completely new experience compared to anything they’ve lived so far. Purchasing the right car seat for your baby is already enough stress, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about baby car seat covers in the process.

That doesn’t make covers less important, but when you know exactly what to look for, you’ll save time and money with your new purchase. Let us help with that.


It’s very important to look for baby car seat covers that are breathable. Keep in mind that your baby doesn’t need a cover for winter and another one for summer: if you buy a decent product, it should do the job just fine regardless of the season.

However, those of you that live in an area with colder climates might want to opt for a fluffier cover, made from a thick material. Ultimately, the best baby car seat covers that are both breathable and practice are those that offer cocoon-style protection. They have an opening that goes over the car seat handle, which provides plenty of space for air to freely circulate, much to the comfort of your little one.

Ease of Care

The best baby car seat covers that those that can easily be washed. As a mother, you already know how overwhelming the wash load can be, because babies make a mess (and that’s part of the beauty of exploring).

Opt for a cover that can either be wiped clean with a damp cloth, or can be thrown in the washing machine for quick cleaning. Microfiber covers are very easy to clean, but some parents prefer cotton, which can typically be cleaned in the washing machine.

Elastic Edges

There are many perks to having a baby car seat cover with an elastic edge. This will fit snugly on the car seat, protecting your child from cold temperatures, as well as dust, debris, bacteria, or bugs.

The elastic band at the edge of the cover will also help avoid potential accidents, caused by the cover falling off the seat and on top of your baby’s head.

Ease of Install

When you’re on the go, you don’t want a complicated car seat cover. You need one that easily unfolds and preferably takes less than 15 seconds to pull over the baby’s seat. You will often find yourself having to put on the cover when you’re already in a hurry, so the ease of install is quite the important shopping criteria.

Steer clear of baby car seat covers that have complicated straps and buttons that are difficult to open and close when you’re on the run, and stick with elastic covers that just require pulling to cover the entire car seat.

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