Know Your Nursing Covers

Babies are never on a strict eating schedule, and during the first months of their lives, they need to be fed whenever they ask for it. That might sometimes put the mother in a delicate public breastfeeding situation. Thankfully, there are products such as a nursing scarf that can make feeding the baby in public a lot less embarrassing.

The Public Breastfeeding Stigma

First thing’s first: breastfeeding was and should always be a natural thing. Publicly shaming mothers that breastfeed has been a controversial topic for quite some time, and it’s not a debate that we want to get into. 

We do, however, understand the delicate situation that some mothers are faced with when they’re outdoors and the baby needs milk. Having something like a nursing scarf with them can go a long way in making sure that the baby gets the nutrition they need, while the mother doesn’t have to face judgmental looks from strangers passing by.

Types of Nursing Covers 

The nursing cover offers the benefits of breastfeeding privacy, but it should also meet some other criteria in order to be a product safe to use for children. By knowing the different types of available nursing covers, you can pick the one that best suits your current needs:

  • The nursing aprons, much like the name suggests it, is a type of nursing cover that’s tied around the neck, and a large piece of fabric drapes over the baby. One of the reasons why nursing aprons are so popular is because they are well-ventilated, facilitating airflow on all sides for the baby to feel refreshed. Some models even include pockets for storing different items that a mother might need to have at hand.
  • The nursing scarf is much like a fashion statement item that also doubles as a breastfeeding cover. You can wear it around the neck when you go out, and then the little one demands food, you can drape it across the shoulders and cover your bosom for private breastfeeding.
  • The nursing shawl is quite similar to a nursing scarf in terms of usability. It can be worn around the neck to keep you warm and toasty during the colder seasons, but when it’s time to breastfeed, it has intelligently-placed buttons that give you the possibility to cover the baby while they’re eating. 
  • The nursing poncho offers 360 degrees protection for nursing mothers and hungry babies. It generally has an elastic opening for you to slip your head through, and the large piece of surround-material covers the mother on all sides. This is the most private type of nursing cover a mother can use. 

Naturally, there are nursing covers out there that are so versatile, they can be used for multiple types of situations. They double as car seat covers, triple as diaper changing covers, and quadruple as stroller covers.

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