Should I Use an Infant Car Seat Cover for Temperature Control?

By now you probably know what infant car seat covers are all about. Alongside the many benefits that they bring forth, mothers question whether “temperature control” is actually something that a car seat cover is capable of, so we’re going to answer that question for you.

Dangers of Overdressing

Ever since babies are born, mothers start worrying about the child’s thermal comfort. Do they feel cold? Should I put on this baby cap? Should I grab an extra blanket? These are perfectly natural questions, especially for first-time mothers.

Fact: An infant’s body heats up to five times more than an adult body does, so there is such a thing as overdressing your baby.

This might be especially tempting if it’s winter and you want to take your baby along with you on a drive for errands. In no scenario is it recommended to strap your baby in the car seat with too many layers of clothes on them, especially since you’ll be turning up the heat in the car.

What you can do instead is opt for an infant car seat cover. In fact, even can seat manufacturers warn about the dangers of leaving the baby in the car seat while wearing their coat or snowsuit. 

Car seat covers are designed in such a way as to breathable, but also double as a protective layer that’s just good enough to convince parents to leave that extra layer of clothes at some.

Summertime Madness

And since we’re talking temperature control and how an infant car seat cover keeps the baby warm, any chances it could be efficient in the summertime as well? You might think that because it can protect the child in the winter, the cover is useless during the summer.

Truth is, it’s not really recommended for infants to be exposed to the sun for too long, and when you’re driving, you can’t really move the baby’s car seat around to find a spot underneath the shade. An infant car seat cover can go a long way in protecting the little one from direct sunlight, keeping their sensitive skin shielded. 

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