Cable Brace For Sonographers, Ultrasound Techs, Radiologists, Echo-Cardiologists, Pain Free Arm Brace for Scanning-Fits Arms Between 7" and 14" Circumference

$19.99 $24.99
  • 84% of the sonographers scan in pain and one of every five of them sustains a career-ending injury. Here is the Cable Bracer help you out.
  • This easy to use device takes the strain off the operator’s hand and forearm created by the torque of the instrument during use.
  • Provides increased comfort for Sonographers, Ultrasound technicians, Physical therapists and other medical professionals.
  • Fits right or left arm
  • Traps the transducer cable under the tubular strap
MULTIPLE USES: This unique product is to be used to hold & support the cable of ultrasound transducers, mammotome instruments, and other cabled hand tools. Prevents draping the cord around the neck and creating risk for neck strain.
HOSPITAL USE: can be used as Sonography, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Physical Therapy- cable braces.
INDUSTRIAL USE : Autofocus Endoscope cable support

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